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Online Payment FAQs

Q1. Why Indian School Al Maabela (ISAM) introduced e-payment gateway for school fees payment?

Ans. As part of its commitment to provide the best of services to students and parents of ISAM, the SMC has introduced E-Payment facility for payment of school fees. This facility is provided through Bank Muscat, Oman’s leading banking service provider. These services will ensure parents have the ability to choose their own time and convenience to pay the fees and do not have to queue up at the school counters or face traffic congestion during school fee payment schedules

Q2. Which are the payment modes available now for paying school fees?

Ans. There are 3 modes for payments that parents can now avail of which are;

  1. Cash/ Card payment at school fee counter
  2. https://www.indianschoolmaabela.com website
  3. TMS mobile application

Q3. Is the payment made through e-payment gateway secure & safe?

Ans. These services are extremely safe and secure and the bank follows all the necessary safety and security regulations set by the Central Bank of Oman.

Q4. How to use the e-payment gateway to pay school fees?

Ans. There are two options to make school fee payment through e-payment gateway;
Option 1. Visit website https://www.indianschoolmaabela.com and login using the parent credentials provided and see the school fees payment section and input the details of your ward (Admission/GR number) and fees (fee heads and term) and payment type (debit/credit card or internet banking) and follow the instructions on the page to make the payment.
Option 2. Login to TMS mobile application and open school fees payment and follow the instructions on the page to make the payment.

Q5. How can I get fee receipt for the payment made via e-payment gateway?

Ans. The e-payment gateway and school web portal is connected to the ERP software of the school and the PDF format fee receipt will receive to your registered email ID after successful credit to the school bank account. Meanwhile if you require printed fee receipt with school stamp or an SOA or details of payment made, just send an email to junioraccountant@indianschoolmaabela.com and you will be reverted within a period of seven days from the date of such request.

Q6. Where can I contact for any queries or doubts regarding e-payment gateway?

Ans. Any queries regarding online payment can be emailed to: junioraccountant@indianschoolmaabela.com or isamfees@gmail.com

Q7. Is there is any charges for paying fee through e-payment gateway?

Ans. ISAM does not charge any processing fee or service charge from the Payers for online payment. However, Payers may have to bear the necessary transaction charge plus service tax /VAT applicable for online payment of fee. This charge will be taken by e-payment solution provider for giving this service.

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