Computer Lab

Information and Communication Technology Labs

As our school is more and more technologically driven, its Information and Communication Technology Labs become the cynosure of all eyes. With the prime motif of making the students Tech Savvy, ISAM has completely geared up to make its campus go absolutely digitalized. Experts and high quality professionals delve deep in imparting the nuances of Information Technology to the students.

The spotlight of ISAM’s Computer Labs

  • Computer lab1 is for the Kindergarten, primary and pre-primary students
  • Around 36 terminals that are connected through thin client to the computer server
  • 55” LED Display TVs on both the labs so that instructors can personalize the education experience.
  • Computer lab2 is for middle and senior sections of the school with 40 desktop computers
  • High speed internet connectivity.
  • Furniture for inspired learning.
  • Rules that are strictly adhered to.

Plan of launching Artificial Intelligence and Robotics is on the anvil.

The plan to be perfect and be ahead of others is what our school is heading towards. Every step taken is with precision and its plan in place, our school will soon hit the target set for us by us.


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