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ISAM Kindergarten has a wide baby pool which is designed with a child friendly concept of water play.

On hot days, it’s such a great way to cool off but there is much more to water play! Water Play provides hours of rich and valuable early childhood experiences to develop children’s creativity and imagination.

Water play is both enjoyable and educational. It helps children develop eye-hand coordination and math and science concepts. It also enhances social skills and encourages co- operation.

Water Play at ISAM is an opportunity for students to develop fine and gross motor skills across age ranges. Children will increase their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination through actions like pouring, squirting, scrubbing, stirring and squeezing.

Water play releases energy, it can be both invigorating or relaxing and calming for young children.

It increases their ability to concentrate on one activity when presented as a tranquil and repetitive activity (scooping, pouring and running their hands through the water). Gentle water play allows them to unwind, order their thoughts and relax.

Swimming develops muscles and motor skills and helps improve coordination. Kicking movements engage the core, and can help children learn how to coordinate both sides of their body to move through the water. When children swim, dance, throw objects, or practice any movement in water they’re developing coordination.


ISAM, KINDERGARTEN has a large and beautiful, shady play area for the children.

As children need to remain active throughout the day; promoting outdoor play allows them to get fresh air and explore their environment more. Hands-on learning, the natural environment and loose parts in the outdoors stimulate children’s senses through what they hear, touch, see and feel.

Physical skills are very important for the physical coordination and the movement of the body. When children play outdoors they increase their ability to balance, jump, climb, throw, run and skip.

Outdoor play provides children with the opportunity to gain social skills by interacting, collaborating and negotiating with others.


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