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ISAM Class - XII Results - Ripple of Success

ISAM beams with exuberance and exultation as Central Board of Secondary Education declared the results of Class XII for the year 2020-21. In the wake of the unprecedented Covid 19 pandemic and school closures, and taking into account the health and safety of the students, CBSE had cancelled the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination this year. The final result of Class XII is a composite measure that reflects the students’ performance in school based exams in Class XII and Class XI, and Class X Board exams, duly moderated according to the tabulation policy of CBSE.

ISAM family is proud of its students who have brought laurels to their alma mater. All the 48 students who took the examination in both Science and Commerce streams reaped success, giving a 100 per cent result for the school.

Ranking first in the Science Stream is Miss. Saahithya.V.S who secured an aggregate of 95.8%, followed by Master. Monish Sudhagar with 95.6% in the second position and Master. Pratyaksh with 94.2% in the third position. Out of the 36 students who appeared for the exam in science stream, 28 students secured first division.

In the Commerce stream, the first position is bagged by Miss. Ahna Nazar Aneesha with a total score of 88% , followed by Master. Shubh Munjial with 84.2% and Miss. Aparna K Babu with 83.8% in the second and third position respectively.

The subject toppers are as follows:
  • English (96%) – Master. Monish Sudhagar, Miss. Joahna Raichel Johnson and Miss. Meghna Manoj
  • Physics (97%)- Master. Monish Sudhagar and Miss. Saahithya.V.S
  • Chemistry (96%)- Master. Monish Sudhagar
  • Biology (96%)- Miss. Saahithya.V.S, Master. Pratyaksh, Miss. Joahna Raichel Johnson and Miss. Meghna Manoj
  • Maths(96%)- Master. Monish Sudhagar and Miss. Saahithya.V.S
  • Computer Science (93%)- Master. Monish Sudhagar, Master. Pratyaksh, Miss. Meghna Manoj, Master. Ksheersagar. S. Nair, Miss. Antria Maria Saju, Miss. Athira Unni and Miss. Riya Rachel Mathews.
  • Informatics Practices (93%), Economics (91%), Business Studies (93%) and Accountancy (74%)-Miss. Ahna Nazar Aneesha

Members of the School Managing Committee, Principal and Assistant Vice Principal congratulated the students on their spectacular performance and appreciated the teaching faculty for their sincere efforts and teamwork.


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