School Transport Services – A Glance

“Safety first is Safety always”

As one of the distinguished educational institutions in Oman, we always strive to provide the best facilities to ensure the safety and security of our students. As an extension of this , we take pride in stating that we are offering safe and secure transport service for our students. This long cherished dream became a reality due to the ceaseless nisus put in by the school management committee and school administration. We have a total of about 26 air-conditioned buses which ply between different areas and the school. At present, the buses are being operated to 15 destinations by engaging in transporting children to and from the school. The school transport service has been considered as a major part of the school where in the young minds learn the practical importance of safety. We are successfully operating buses in the areas Al Khuwair, Baushar ,Al Ghubra, Al Azaiba, , Ghala, Al Hail North and South, Al Khoud, SQU,Mawaleh ,Halban and Barka, . Parents can therefore make use of the facility and ensure their children’s safety. The seats are allotted on first come, first serve basis..

Following are the facilities available:

  • 28/32 seater buses.
  • Exceptional fleet safety standards are maintained.
  • All buses are well-maintained and managed by experienced drivers and supporting staff.
  • Each bus will be fully insured and equipped with a First Aid Box.
  • All buses are equipped with AC, CCTVs and GPS.
  • Student Attendance Confirmation through WhatsApp.
  • Experienced and well trained drivers.
  • Bus Monitored and Supervised by a person referred by School.
  • Economic Fees.
  • The school administration continuously works to ensure standards of travel and road safety rules are always adhered to.
  • Going to introduce new School Bus Tracking App.

“Safety is a habit. Cultivate it”

  • The transport form is required to be signed by the authorized official to confirm the availability of transport.
  • The school shall provide a School ID card to the student. No student will be permitted to board the bus without an ID card. This is emphasized for the safety of the students.
  • Students will be picked up and dropped at the same place.
  • Owing to safety reasons, transport route will not be altered to any different drop-off point other than the pick up point.
  • Students and escort are required to be available at the designated pick up and drop off area 5 minutes prior to the time agreed. The buses will not wait for the late comers.
  • Transport charges are fixed and have to be paid on or before 5th of every month. There will be no reduced or lower charges for oneway use of the bus and there is no refund policy.
  • Request for cancellation / withdrawal of school transport services is to be submitted in the prescribed application form one month advance except for the emergency cases.
  • Unless or otherwise directed by the transport officials, drivers are authorized to stop buses only at the designated stops. A list of stops is being prepared keeping in view of the convenience and safety of all bus commuters and is also subject to change.
  • Parents are requested not to board the school buses, or argue with the teachers, drivers or conductors in the bus. Written complaints or problems if any, can be handed over to the transport in-charge.
  • Courteous and polite behavior is expected at all times. Unruly behavior like screaming and shouting is strictly prohibited. Transport registration of students will be cancelled if they are found misconduct / misbehave in the bus. The driver’s attention must not be distracted for any reason.
  • All students shall strictly follow the instructions of the bus leaders appointed by the school. The bus conductors shall also be responsible for maintaining students’ discipline in the bus. Any serious offences must be reported to the Principal.
  • Under no circumstances children will be allowed to board another bus besides the one allocated.

To avail the transport service:

Step One: Collect Transport request Form from Reception Area in the school or download the same from school website: www.indianschoolmaabela.com and Submit the form in the school office.

Step Two: Confirm service availability in your area. If available, you will be contacted and informed of the safe collection and drop-off point/s, the timings and the bus mobile contact number

Step Three: Advance payment should be done.

STS Contact Information:
Mob: 93219682
Email: isamtransport20@gmail.com

The Key to Safety is in your hands!


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